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Postby Guest » 12/18/02 09:17 PM

I read THE REAL WORK ON ONE WAY FACES, page 80, January '03. PLEASE tell me I'm missing something, or that its written tongue in cheek. If ANYONE can't tell that an Ace of Spades, (Tally Ho, no less!) has been turned end for end, from way across the room, then something is definitely wrong. What's with talk of this fourth circle from the edge? Is someone kidding?!
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Postby Matthew Field » 12/19/02 07:35 AM

John -- If you've read any of the Ibidem magazines or reprints, you'd know Tom Ransom, whose item this is, had his tongue crazy-glued inside his cheek. And I do mean crazy.

Max Maven says as much in his wonderful introduction to the Ibidem/Aziz feature in the January 2003 Genii.

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Postby Richard Kaufman » 12/19/02 09:26 AM

Of course it's tongue in cheek.
And Ransom is crazy, but you'd never know it just by meeting him. He is most mild-mannered in person. :)
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Postby Linds » 01/14/03 11:01 PM

I resemble that remark! Yesterday I walked into the local magic store and remarked to the clerk:
"I see the new Genii's in."
"Yep I haven't read it yet."
"Let me show you a cute bit in Magicana."
Carroll opens issue to the aforementioned par. Clerk reads it and looks very closely at the enlarged wheel engraving.
"Where'd you say the break was?" :D :D :D
Exit one Carroll clutching his sides.
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