You only had 5 minutes...What do you do?

Discuss your favorite close-up tricks and methods.

Postby Sean-Dylan » 10/12/09 08:52 AM

If you only had 5 minutes to make a big impression (lay audience). What would you perform?
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Postby mrgoat » 10/12/09 09:26 AM

Ursula's silk routine.
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Postby Sean-Dylan » 10/12/09 09:31 AM

That was going to be my closer!
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Postby spike » 10/19/09 01:23 PM

ACR ending with the signed card folded up in a paperclip. For 5 minutes of miracles, it kills.
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Postby Gord » 10/20/09 09:37 AM

For close up. My ambitious card routine. It's built so it can be as long or as short as I need it to be.

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Postby Jonathan Arturo » 11/11/09 11:00 PM

Cups and Balls! It encompasses every type of effect possible vanishes, productions, transpositions, etc!
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Postby PMS » 01/23/10 01:26 PM

If cards, I'd probably do Royal scam followed by Back in Time combined with Paperclipped.
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Postby Harry Lorayne » 01/23/10 01:29 PM

HaLo Aces.
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Postby Barefoot Boy » 01/23/10 07:54 PM

The Centre Tear
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Postby Mark.Lewis » 01/23/10 08:20 PM

Paul. If you do have five minutes you should go and support me on the "should [censored] be banned thread"
Some friend you are.

And I also expect you to go forthwith to the magic cafe "step right up" section and tell Don Driver that he has no idea what he is talking about regarding my svengali book. That routine has helped me sell between 200 to 400 decks a day in my prime. And his routine is a load of crap as we both well know.

It really is the blind leading the blind over there.

And if I had 5 minutes I would do dotty spots and Macdonalds Aces. I can fit in two tricks where others fit in one. And I don't have to rush like that chap we saw on television on another thread.
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Postby Michel Asselin » 01/23/10 08:22 PM

Glass production from paper bag; knife through coat; watchsteals revealed.
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Postby Themagicofcurtis » 04/28/10 02:26 PM

for 5 minutes of a mazing solid magic I would do the invisible deck and then my fiber optics routine...
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Postby cardstuntman » 05/05/10 01:57 PM

Chad Longs....No Mercy
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