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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 10/11/09 12:48 AM

Okay - who sold Brenda and Sean the dLites?

They're available. Anyone still using these things?
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Postby The Magic Apple » 10/11/09 07:52 PM

D'lites are still one of the TOP Sellers at The Magic Apple. They are awesome
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Postby magicbar » 10/11/09 11:12 PM

I just saw the clip - yet another instance of a magician being a joke career. when will we have a magician save a life or something admirable to break this cycle? DC please make some more money to redeem this profession!

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Postby Joe Skilton » 10/12/09 01:39 AM

I must disagree.

If you watch the SNL clip without wearing your magician cap, you'll realize that magic has nothing to do with this clip. Nothing at all.

The D'Lites aren't used as a magical effect (unless you stretch that definition to the breaking point). No magic takes place... only oddly choreographed movement with glowing thumbs. Also, the words "magic" and "magician" are never spoken.

In fact, I don't think that anyone would think of this tragic duo as being magicians except magicians. Which says more about us and our insecurities than it does about other's view of us.

Joe Skilton
Joe Skilton
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Postby magicbar » 10/14/09 07:12 PM

Nope I disagree. The pair of performers with the moves, the legit vs. comical jobs suitable for - it all points to them being magicians. Also, SNL has never taken a favorable view of magicians with the profession and the very few acts appearing getting the brunt of their comic club. I recall reading a book about their early days with Ackroyd, Belushi and the bunch - they'd call in Magicians for BS auditions just to laugh at them later.
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