FSH-Nicholas Einhorn- In-Flight- Self Levitation System

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A One-Man,Self Contained Levitation-Can be Done Surrounded-No Set-up

Nicholas Einhorn's In-Flight

You clearly show a large cardboard carton completely empty. Four flaps (one on each side) are opened allowing the audience to see all the way through the box. You stand inside the box (legs clearly visible through the holes) and slowly lift a cloth curtain around you.
Simultaneously, you begin to rise approximately two feet into the air. Whilst hovering "in-flight" the audience has a clear view of the box through the holes and can see that there is no support of any kind. Very slowly you return to earth and step out of the box, which can then be folded flat and carried off stage to your applause.
In-Flight is a one-person, self-levitation which is great for kids shows, cabaret, cruise acts, street acts etc. It can be performed surrounded.

You'll have no angle problems meaning you can just set it up and perform with out any lighting or staging considerations to worry about.
There is no reset, just unfold the box and levitate. No electronics or gadgetry to go wrong or service. It also packs flat and will easily fit inside your car for transportation purposes.

This is already being used by some of the UK's most successful magicians.

Graham Reed (one of the great advisory team behind the success of Paul Daniels) reviewed a performance of 'In Flight at The Magic Circular in 1999:

"Nicholas finished his lecture with an inexplicable one-man levitation using a skeleton cardboard box and a cloth screen. It was totally baffling and your reporter was completely foxed. This is destined to become a classic cabaret illusion."

This is BRAND NEW-Never Opened - Cloth Color is RED

Price includes shipping in the USA ............

$495.........Paypal only

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