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Postby Pete McCabe » 06/13/02 10:55 AM

I've now managed to track down most of the tricks recommended in David Regal's "Speaking Volumes" article. Many of them were outstanding effects with brilliant thinking. But I still hadn't found one that was really right for me.

I found it.

It's the one Bruce Cervon recommended, and I was incredibly lucky to have the trick shown to me by Bruce himself before I learned it, so I can truly appreciate what a complete fooler it is.

I won't even tell you what trick it is. Better you should reread the article.

But thanks Bruce, for pointing the way to this one.
Pete McCabe
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Postby Guest » 07/11/02 04:36 PM

Hey Pete, I think the article by David Regal was excellent also. I was able to go to my library and look up many of the effects listed. Favourite ones were the effects by Roy Walton. What a treat revisiting these books were. Now I have to go and look up the Bruce Cervon effect...another sleepless night.

Thanks David for a great article...please keep them coming!!!

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