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Postby Jeff Eline » 02/22/04 11:30 AM

Another great issue of Genii this month including an excellent article on Jason Latimer. I'd love to be able to see him perform. The way he seems to approach performing and his magic is refreshing.

He seems to be such a well rounded individual with knowledge of physics, economics, math, performace, magic history, manipulation, etc... Congratulations to him!

Oh, and great photos by Mr. Biro! I love that first one with Jason head down holding the ring. Well done.
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Postby Guest » 02/22/04 01:11 PM

Is this article written by Art Benjamin, the mathemagician?

Postby Steve Bryant » 02/22/04 02:16 PM

After a whirlwind tour of China and back to Europe following his FISM win, Jason is back at school full time this quarter, which is why we didn't see him at WMS in January (this info according to Dale Hindman).
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Postby Pete Biro » 02/22/04 03:29 PM

Thanks Jeff. Shots taken with D100 Digital Nikon (have not bought film in four years)!

Some credit to the Art Director, Liz Kaufman, for her selections.
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Postby Guest » 02/22/04 04:13 PM

There is a video on both Jason Latimers award winning FISM and Sarmoti acts (cups and balls with clear cups and manipulation). They were in French tv on channel called TV 5 Europe that is seen in different European countries. The programs name was called something like "Le plus cabaret de monte" or something. I dont know any french so I cant remember it. The manipulation was very good, but the cups and balls was huge disapointment.


Postby Pete Biro » 02/22/04 11:19 PM

What disappointed you about the cups and balls? Was it bad camera work?
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Postby Guest » 02/23/04 06:19 AM

There was nothing wrong with the camera work. There was just so many different things that I didnt like.

First of all, at least for me, the method was very obious and it didnt fool me at all. I would expected to be fooled by watching FISM GP champion. I really miss feeling being completely fooled.

The tegnique was just horrible. Palms and false transfers were very obious. Also the switch were obious, but you cant misdirect camera. That may be one reason why it just was bad.

Lot of moves without any reason. The place of the cups were constantly moved. I didnt find any good reason for it, and it just annoyed me.

Very bad choregraphy. What the h..l does Magarina(Los del Rio) dance have to do with some Gregorian type music???

Also the ending was very confusing. It didnt even come clear at the first time watching the the cups were supposedly be solid and the crystal ball steals and cup switch were very obious.

Dont get me wrong. I dont dislike Latimer in any way. His manipulation act was very, very good. one of the best I have seen in a long time, but all after the hype, about clear cups and balls, it was huge dissapointment. The FISM invention award went to right person, because there were some good ideas in the routine, but close-up and Grand Prix award for that act... No, way...


Postby Steve Bryant » 02/23/04 07:14 AM

As Bob Read (I think it was him) said, you don't like every tv program, so don't expect everyone to like your act. Hence to each his own, re taste.

My feeling on watching the cups routine was completely the opposite. I was completely fooled, and only through many repeated viewings did I grasp the exact methodology. By that time I marveled at the choreography and the seamless integration of sleight of hand and mechanical invention. None of the usual cups and balls moves are used, and I found the routine even more thrilling once I understood what was going on. So, twice blessed. I regret, for your sake, that you didn't experience the same emotions as I and those who cast their votes at FISM.
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Postby Guest » 02/23/04 09:42 AM

Originally posted by Jeff Eline:

Oh, and great photos by Mr. Biro! I love that first one with Jason head down holding the ring. Well done.
Yes, that is a great photo and should be on his web site...if it is not already.

Postby Jon Racherbaumer » 02/23/04 12:01 PM

I did not see or experience Jason L.'s act in person or as filtered through any media; however, I remain fascinated by the sundry criteria that exists "out there" regarding what makes up an award-winning act.

When I initially started out in magic and for a long time thereafter, an overriding criteria for what motivated me to buy, learn, or applaud any trick was the BAFFLEMENT FACTOR. If I was not utterly FOOLED, I merely noted the trick, nodded, maybe grinned, and then moved on.

I still love the sensation of being baffled. It was swoon-inducing to be fooled to the max by my peers...Guys like Skinner, Jennings, Dingle, Solomon, Aronson, Cervon, and others regularly "toasted" me. Marlo did it more often than anybody.

Nowadays, however, I look for other, subtle ways of evoking enchantment; of creating a different, more satisfying dreamstate--no matter how novel and offbeat.

I suspect that Jason L. somehow tapped into this so that what he did resonated for MOST of the judges and members of the audience.

Perhaps too we should put these awards into perspective? I'd love to write an article titled "FISM Winners: Where Are They Now?"

Regarding this I recent ran across an old TOPS magazine that featured photographs of contest winners. I noted that the Third Place winner was a then unknown magician named Mac King. I also noted that ALL of the other winners that year did not go on to become household names. In fact, they disappeared from the landscape entirely.

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Postby Guest » 03/04/04 02:16 PM


Please write that article!!! It would be great to see what is going on with the past FISM winners.

Postby Guest » 03/04/04 09:16 PM

I second the request for an article on past FISM winners. I think it would be very interesting to read.

Postby John McDonald » 03/10/04 01:30 PM

I was lucky enough to see Jason's stage and close up act three times at the recent Blackpool convention. He is extremely likeable, he has a very clever close up act. What struck me about it is that it is very intimate. It is micro magic and suffers from camera work and great crowds watching. That does not mean that there is a problem with it. Not at all. I mean that the power of his performance and his routine is that it is set up for a close intimate performance not for a huge group. I imagine that this is what he had at fism and what brought the gold home!
Best John
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Postby Guest » 04/12/04 12:20 PM

I'd love to see his crystal cups routine. It's a great idea, and I have to give him credit for coming up with a working, magical solution.

Postby Alexander Crawford » 04/19/04 07:50 AM

Having seen both the stage act (at Blackpool) and the close-up act (at FISM and at Blackpool), I slightly prefer the stage act but am a fan of both.

The most important thing about both acts, in my view, is neither the technique nor the innovation (which are both there in spades) but Jason's stage presence and charm. He walks onto the stage or up to the close-up table and smiles ... and the audience love him before he has performed anything.
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Postby Guest » 04/19/04 10:29 PM

I saw his routine at the castle couple of weeks ago. The independent vanishes of the ball from the cup while actually visible under the cup was the coolest part--really to my mind more astonishing that the final loads--but then again magicians always assume some coup de grace is coming, so that really negates my whole observation, really.

He was also very nice, and yes, he smiled--like he actually enjoys what he's doing.

Postby Glenn Farrington » 05/31/04 09:28 AM

I agree with Alexander. Jason's style is probably one of the finest I've seen in years. This boy was made for TV. I wouldn't be surprised, if managed correctly, that he is a leader of the pack years from now and winds up like Lance.

One other thing, can credit Jason with "his verson" of the clear cups, but the credit for the first working routine that was also put in print in 1983, goes to Jeffrey Cambell. If you are familiar with the original Cyrstal Cups routine you can see the influence in Jasons. Including some of the moves and types of balls.

This should not detract at all from Jason's routine. I am always happy to see someone bringing new life to an old routine. As long as it was put in print (and now video) for others to use.
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Postby Danny Archer » 06/02/04 02:54 PM

I'm looking forward to seeing Jason's work again when we both are working at the Castle beginning on July 6th ...
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