Your file of the JINX is incomplete!

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Postby byron walker » 09/25/09 06:15 PM

The October Genii has a fine tribute to Ted Annemann's The Jinx. However, you may have noticed that your file is missing pages 831 to 878. This 48 page section was printed, along with the explanation for the omission, in a nicely bound book by Walter Gibson. I have some fine copies for $25 plus $3 shipping (in the U.S.). For more information visit my website I accept cash, check or money order to my POB or Paypal.

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Postby Richard Kaufman » 09/25/09 07:25 PM

I should note, if it's not clear, that Byron is referring to the file of Annemann's original Jinx, not our tribute 32-page thingy.
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Postby PickaCard » 09/29/09 01:34 PM

I have the 3 hardcover volumes reprinting all of the issues of the Jinx. Further to this post, I opened volume 3 and noticed that pages 831 to 878 were in fact missing however all of the issues are numbered sequentially with no omissions.

Can someone shed some light as to why this was and if these "missing" 48 pages are worth $28? I think you can still purchase a whole volume of the reprint for that price
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Postby Richard Hatch » 09/29/09 01:50 PM

According to the one page introduction by Walter Gibson to the Lloyd Jones' reprint of Gibson's POPULAR CARD TRICKS, Annemann admired the book and secured Gibson's permission to reprint it as a 48 page JINX Special. Annemann had the pages pasted up before his death, but it was not sent to the printer before he died. That would explain the gap in pagination. Gibson gives more details of the original book's publishing history (it was commissioned by Harry Houdini) and Annemann's high opinion of it. The reprint is not paginated to fill the Jinx gap and may not be considered by everyone to be an essential part of a Jinx file, but it is certainly worth $25 plus $3 shipping for a new copy of book that Annemann regarded as worth reprinting in 1942.
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Postby PickaCard » 09/29/09 02:44 PM

Thank you.
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Postby Mike Vance » 09/29/09 03:05 PM

In addition, Byron is a great guy. I have always enjoyed doing business with him.
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