Mini Remote Color Vision by Tim Wisseman

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Postby Jeremy B » 09/12/09 01:38 PM

This is in new condition. The box is wood color and the cube is black. This has the vibrating receiver. $155 shipped, Paypal Please.

The new Mini Remote Vision Color Cube by Tim Wisseman isn't your grandfather's Color Cube!

An astounding version of an old classic mystery made possible by the use of modern electronics.

The magician shows a 1 3/4 inch square wooden cube with different colored sides. While the magicians back is turned the spectator places the wooden cube in a plain wooden box and covers the box with a lid making it impossible for anyone to see which side of the cube is up. The spectator concentrates on the chosen color and the magician uses his mysterious magical powers to remotely sense which color is facing up inside the little wooden box. The magician never touches or looks at the box containing the cube, yet correctly names the chosen color each and every time.

The new Mini Color Cube measures a full 1 3/4" X 1 3/4" square and is just the perfect size for closeup and walkaround venues. Supplied complete with detailed instructions and performance hints by Tim himself.

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Postby Jeremy B » 09/13/09 09:44 AM

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