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Postby Nate Green » 09/01/09 12:31 AM

I have been attempting getting the moves down for a Spellbound routine. However, I am not doing very well with the coin clip as it is explained in Stars of Magic. My fingers are a bit knobby therefore the fleshy sides of my fingers don't come together enough to keep the coin securely in place. Any suggestions on alternative spellbound moves with this in mind?

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Nate Green
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Postby Chris Deleo » 09/01/09 07:28 AM

instead of the "purse palm", use a standard "finger palm" for the first change.
Chris Deleo
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Postby David Acer » 09/01/09 03:49 PM

Richard Sanders uses a "pinch" rather than a palm in this Spellbound move explained in the latest Magicana (i.e., September 2009):

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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 09/01/09 05:22 PM

Hi Nate - I worked out the "circular spell" for pretty much that same reason.
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Postby Denis Behr » 09/02/09 02:41 AM

And here it is (along with numerous other visual transformation sleights): Circular Spell
Denis Behr
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Postby Nate Green » 09/04/09 08:40 PM

I will look these up. I appreciate the help.

Nate Green
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Postby Bill Duncan » 09/05/09 01:54 AM

If we're going to start dumping moves on the guy...

Sol Stone's Tumble Switch/Change in COINMAGIC is the best. And it's dead easy to modify for a continuous change.
Bill Duncan
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 09/05/09 10:29 AM

There must be a hundred Spellbound moves published in various places. The idea of visibly changing one coin to another as you rub it goes back long before Spellbound, of course. You might look at the original Edward Victor routine that many feel inspired Vernon.
You'll also find a bunch of Spellbound moves in my books CoinMagic and David Roth's Expert Coin Magic.
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Postby Jacky Kahan » 09/05/09 04:08 PM

Maybe THIS one? published in Genii (July 2005)
Jacky Kahan
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