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Digital Video Deck:

This is another new effect released by, the Internet site I have mentioned in connection with Psylock, a wonderful lock handling and set of routines. The releases by PsycheFX are all original to our Australian cousins.

The Digital Video Deck incorporates the popular DVD which has invaded all of our homes, using it so that it can be a personalized prediction which you send to the host of a mentalism party, the person who books you for a show, or anyone who you want to influence to really like your offerings. (Newspaper reporter?) It permits you not only to send a DVD in advance, but you don't have to worry about whether recipient is going to get an early peek or in some way mess up your prediction. At the same time you can leave the spectator who received it in advance with the DVD at the end, like the tape you used to leave with the Cassettee Prediction device.

This is an effect which uses playing cards. So for those who abhor using cards, it's not for you. But for those who are stronger and recognize that playing cards are household items which most people see and use for games, this is a wonderful way to apply some very old principles of card handling, dressed up in modern clothing.

In PsyLock I've mentioned Sean Taylor and Richard Paddon who are two of the four founders of PsycheFX, and who are again the presenters of this offering. Richard is again credited as the creator and he is the principal presenter in the DVD produced to both show the routine and explain it.

Richard presents some wonderful handlings with unique twists and incorporates ideas which were approved for use by Micdhael Weber, Daryl, Dale Hildebrandt, Edward De'Ath, and Nick Trost. I especially liked the tools which Richard provided and suggested for using a memorized card deck stack.

Here is the link for more information:

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