Jacob Daley's Notebooks

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Postby RichieCarrigan » 08/09/09 05:25 AM

I have unearthed a mint edition of Jacob daley's notebooks transcribed by frank Csuri published by The Gutenberg Press.
Does anyone have an idea of it's value and rarity.
I have never seen one for sale before. Inside the book on seperate sheets is a table of contents table compiled by peter duffie.
I'm sure the knowledge on this forum can shed some light for me.
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Postby J Bright » 08/09/09 05:30 AM

Hi Richie,

Is it a hardcover copy?
J Bright
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Postby RichieCarrigan » 08/09/09 05:43 AM

Yes it's a hard cover. Black with gold lettering on the spine.
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Postby Jeff Pierce Magic » 08/09/09 11:24 AM

Richie, this was published by Karl Fulves, no idea how many were printed but is sought after. I've seen them sold in the range of $150.00-300.00
I think Mr. Fulves still offers a softback edition for sale for $35.00.

On the same note has any one seen or have for sale the Charlie Miller notes? I have Daley and Vernon and I know of someone who has the Miller notes but won't part with them.

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Postby RichieCarrigan » 08/09/09 03:41 PM

Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.
The only Charlie miller that I have is 'an evening with Charlie miller' lecture notes.
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 08/09/09 05:18 PM

The Charlie Miller thing Jeff Pierce is referring to is a xeroxed bootleg of a private set of typed notes of Miller's material that no one was supposed to see. It has been traded on the underground for years, along with similar material of Vernon's, Elmsley's, and Vernon's.
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Postby Philippe Noël » 08/10/09 10:10 AM

Who is Frank Csuri?
Philippe Noël
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