All beginners in magic should address their questions here.

Postby ZachLambert529 » 07/26/09 12:05 AM

I have been doing magic for the past few years now. I may not consider myself a beginner, but I still have LOTS to learn.

I just wanted to address myself to this awesome forum. I am certain that I will like it here.

First off, Here is some info about me. My name is Zach, and I am 16. I live in the Houston, Texas area. I try to frequent H&R as much as I can.

I am currently in Michigan.. The magic community in Michigan is really awesome.

I have met up with a lot of great people here. Ron Bauer and Dan Fishman being some of them.

I am really into card magic, and it is my preferred type of magic. However, I am starting to expand a bit and get into coins. =D

I love to read books.

I love meeting up with magicians for a good session.

I am a MOVE MONKEY!!!!!

Well, that's just alittle from me. I hope to learn a lot from this community and help benefit it as well.


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Postby garciadini » 07/26/09 08:50 AM

Hi Zach,
Welcome to the forum-In fact I just joined it myself the same day as you. I too love card magic. I enjoy the material of Larry Jennings, Vernon, and a little bit of Marlo. There are others of course, but you are right we will both learn from the other members here.
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Postby dorian rhodell » 09/01/09 05:03 PM

Quick note to all,

Zach bends lecture notes. It's a nervous habit he has. Please make sure to protect your notes if he is looking through them.


Dorian Rhodell
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