The Uncanny Scot Ron Wilson

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Postby Evan Shuster » 07/18/09 12:42 PM

The Uncanny Scot Ron Wilson (OOP)
by Richard Kaufman

Very good (like new!) condition.
$85, includes media shipping and tracking in the continental US.

(priority shipping available for additional $4)
Paypal preferred.

Evan Shuster
843 NE 194th St.
Shoreline, WA. 98155

Published 1987 by Richard Kaufman & Alan Greenberg
Copyright 1987 by Richard Kaufman

HB, Dustjacket
160 Pages
355 Illustrations by Richard Kaufman (Photos & LineDrawings)


007 Contents
009 Foreword (John Thompson)
010 The Scot's Life (John Booth)
011 Introduction (A Conversation with Ron Wilson)
- Close-Up Opener
- Invisible Deck Presentation
- The Portable Servante
- Bagpipes
- Multiplying Bottles

020 The Highland Hop
- Presentation One (Impromptu)
- Presentation Two (Brainwave Climax)
025 Way Out Of This World
029 To Pay the Price
031 Memphis Marvel
034 Riffle-Up Lift

037 The Color-Changing Silk
- Presentation One (Seated)
- Presentation Two (Standing)

050 Miracle Micro-Macro
058 Whispering Queen
061 The Scot's Card in Wallet
- The Five-Percent Repeat
069 Just Look at a Card
072 A Vanishing Deck
078 The Uncanny Chop Cup

086 Second Sight
089 Hoy's Legacy
092 Psychic Bandleader
095 A Hand to Remember
- Deck Switch
098 Confabulous!

104 On Koran's Ring Flight
109 Technicolor Ring Flight
111 The Finger Rings that Link
122 Flight of the Phoenix

128 Double Restoration Rope
130 T.A.R.C.P (Torn And Restored Cigarette Paper)
135 Slow Motion Paper Tear

*contents and publication information courtesy of, as submitted by Dietrich Keller
Evan Shuster
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Postby Evan Shuster » 07/19/09 01:38 PM

Now offered for $80. Truly a great book!
Evan Shuster
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Postby Steve Bryant » 07/19/09 07:17 PM

Hang in there, Evan. It's one of my favorite magic books, and someone is going to be lucky to get it for $80. Ron Wilson's performance of the paper tear is available on Youtube.
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Steve Bryant
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Postby Joe Mckay » 08/02/09 02:58 PM

Hi Evan,

I will buy this book (via PayPal). However - I live in the UK (England), so you will need to add extra for postage. That is if you don't mind sending it to the UK? Anyway - I hope the book is still for sale. You can PM me or send me an email to


Joe Mckay
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