Where can I get those half dollars...

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Postby andrewmoquin » 06/26/09 01:43 AM

Hey, I was wondering If som1 could help me to find the half dollars used by Chriss Kenner ( in the unicoin routine ) and other magicians. I'm also looking for shell and flipper coin for this kind of coin.

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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 06/26/09 08:42 AM

Probably easier to go onto www.theory11.com and ask what the coins are directly and then see if they also recommend a dealer that's easy to work with.
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Postby Tortuga » 08/11/09 10:20 AM

Andrew, Chris appears to be using old Barber halves in that routine. The coins don't matter for that routine, as you probably know. Chris sometimes uses Walking Liberty halves, he just happened to use the Barbers for that trick.

The coins for that routine are ungimmicked. It is all sleights.

If you want flippers and such, contact Jamie Schoolcraft and he can fix you up.
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