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Postby Mike Remington » 06/23/09 10:59 AM

I will be travelling to various places in the US in July. Any recommendations for places to watch magic, magic shops or bookshops with magic books in Manhattan, Washington D.C., Southeastern Michigan (Ann Arbor - Detroit area) and Chicago?
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Postby Jim Maloney » 06/23/09 11:26 AM

For NYC, check out http://www.tannens.com. Good store to visit, and the website lists a number of magic-related shows and events in the area. If you visit on a Saturday, they can also direct you to the common gathering spots, which are within easy walking distance of the store.

Books and Magazines for sale -- more than 200 items (Last updated January 10th, 2014. Link goes to public Google Doc.)
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Postby P.T. Murphy » 06/23/09 02:56 PM

Hi Mike-
When in Chicago, please feel free to stop in and see The Magic Cabaret. E-mail me and I will get you a discount on your tickets.
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Postby Dick Christian » 06/24/09 01:26 PM

Unfortunately now that Al Cohen's legendary Al's Magic Shop is gone, the nearest 'hangout' for magicians in the DC area is Denny & Lee's Magic Studio in Rosedale, MD (the eastsouthest suburbs of Baltimore). Otherwise visitors and guests are always welcome at the I.B.M. Ring 50 meetings in the Holiday Inn on Eisenhower Avenue in Alexandria, Virginia (just a few minutes south of DC) on the first Wednesday of the month and S.A.M. Assembly 23 at the National Press Club on 14th Street between Pennsylvania Avenue and F Street NW in DC on the third Wednesday of the month.
Dick Christian
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Postby Joe Pecore » 06/24/09 01:34 PM

There is also Barry's Magic Shop in Rockville, Maryland http://www.barrysmagicshop.com/
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 06/24/09 02:16 PM

Barry's Magic in White Flint, right by the Metro (subway) stop, is the closest magic shop to Washington DC. It's only about 20 minutes tops from downtown. Denny's is much farther away.
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Postby Marc Rehula » 06/24/09 03:34 PM

Chicago is blessed with the legendary Magic, Inc., as well as the best stocked magic shop in the world, Midwest Magic in nearby Franklin Park (and just featured in Genii, June 2009).
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Postby Dave Shepherd » 06/25/09 01:45 AM

Actually, Denny & Lee's is in the east-NORTHEAST suburbs of Baltimore. That is to say, it's on the far side of Baltimore from DC.

It's worth the trip, but it's not close. I live right outside the Beltway in Virginia, and it's a 65-mile drive for me.

(I just made the long drive back from a lecture at Denny's. Got in a lot later than I would like to.)
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Postby Necromancer » 06/30/09 10:26 PM

Hi Mike,

Chicago is home to Supernatural Chicago, the city's longest-running theatrical magic performance and one of the Top 10 Attractions in Chicago according to TripAdvisor.com

"Tobin presents a delightful evening of ghost stories, each with a Chicago connection [in Supernatural Chicago] . . . All in all, a most enjoyable evening."
-- Eugene Burger/Genii

For info and a short video preview, please visit http://SupernaturalChicago.com

Also, for a listing of magical happenings and points of interest throughout the Chicago area, check out http://MagicalChicago.com

Safe travels,
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Postby Mike Remington » 07/07/09 11:16 AM

Thanks for the ideas. The Tannens and SAM Chicago websites look good for what is going on. I will probably go to Tannens this Saturday and see if I can also get tickets to one of the Saturday evening shows. PT and Neil Your shows sound good, unfortunately I will not be in Chicago on those days. I am spending a couple of nights in Baltimore and Dennys is always on my list if I get close. He and Alan Alan are my two all time favorite magic shop owners Always good for advice and stories. I also like Barrys shop. I will be staying just down the street from the National Press Club on the third Wednesday of the month, so the SAM meeting is a definite possibility. I will probably also try to get to Midwest Magic The article on it was interesting.
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