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Postby gregg » 06/19/09 04:55 PM

Those who liked Aaron FISHER's Stealing Your Face in the new GENII but who like me like to re-block things for platform work or stage (calling Jeff McBride) may like to hear that for that purpose a manipulator's Front Palm, as in 'the Continuous Front and Back Palm' can be substituted - everything else being the same with this wonderful trick.
I tried Gambler's Flat Palm first, but found the above to free the thumbs so when entering the pocket that the hand can enter but leaving the thumb out seems more illusive, and with this FRONT PALM that the hand seems flat and there is very little 'hang up' on the cloth edge of pocket. For closeup magic the way it is taught is the best, unless you want to apply the way Darwin Ortiz reaches into a pocket when using regular palming and which he's described in books, tapes, dvd's, and in looks like he only dips his thumb and 1st finger into the pocket yet he loads the classic palmed cards in such a way that it seems impossible. Check your library. Gregg Webb
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