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Postby The Magic Apple » 06/09/09 04:09 PM

10 Years of Steve Spill $15
Topit Workshop- Bob Fitch All 3 Volumes $60
The Topit DVD Ammar $18
Joel Bauer Hustle Hustle Commitment $15
Henry Evans Vol 1-3 $45
Cultural Exchange Apollo/Ogawa $15
Himber Rings -Greater Magic Library $15
MagicBase Integrated Marketing Software (PC or Mac) $50
Banacheks Psi Series Vol 1, Vol 4 $20 each
Manuel Muerte Done by Misdirection $20
Herb Zarrow Shuffle - $12

For $250 you can have them ALL (including the Marketing Software). That is a $55 savings!!

Shipping prices will depend on where you live. If you buy the lot, FREE SHIPPING TOO!!
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