Comet by EDO [remote controlled light]

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Postby Mats Kjellstrom » 06/07/09 04:25 AM

See it in action, I like it, looks like a blockbuster gimmick: (the cola bottle effect is superb at the end of the movie)

"This week we introduced a new gimmick to the magic community: Comet

After more than one year of development we are very proud to start selling this fantastic gimmick. If you use DLite for you performance than you will love Comet. Or if you want to use a bulb or torch that will turn on and off at your command than it is time to get Comet. Comet is a wireless remote controlled light that will allow you perform many new effects. There is now alike gimmick that has the same variety to use. And we kept the price as low as possible, so it is one of a few affordable electronic gimmicks."
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