4 Way Split - Animated Video Available

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Postby StolzProductions » 05/13/09 10:25 AM

Hi All,

There is now a short animated video of my 4 Way Split illusion on Jack Murray's website. This is until Jack gets the first one built (he's a TAD busy this month!) and we can get a true performance video made up.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on the illusion.


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Postby Mr. Stickley » 05/17/09 06:49 PM

Interesting concept.

I think it's aesthetically pleasing and neat, but it doesn't seem very deceptive... I mean, whats the point? It has a really thick looking base, blades that don't penetrate it, two end boxes that doesn't move, and no convincer that any of the boxes actually contain a person... Am I missing something? Maybe it would look different live if it were incredibly small - say the whole unit was like 3' long.
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