Faxing without a land line?

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Postby Comedy Writer » 05/11/09 05:19 PM

Considering getting rid of the landline...but I still need to send/ receive faxes.
Will still have internet, cell, etc.

Any ideas?
Comedy Writer
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Postby James Kernen » 05/11/09 05:58 PM

I use www.j2.com but there are many other services...some are free if you don't mind banners/advertisements, etc..
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Postby Jim Maloney » 05/11/09 06:54 PM

When I was buying my house last year, my realtor got a lot of use from eFax.

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Postby Jack Turk » 05/20/09 07:25 PM

I've been using www.send2fax.com for several
years and it's worked very well for me, and
is very reasonably priced.

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Postby Comedy Writer » 05/31/09 11:15 PM

thanks - very helpful.
Comedy Writer
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