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Postby DanV » 05/06/09 01:49 PM

I'm going to be in LA next week and of course plan on visiting the Castle. I'm not a member, but I believe I've heard that IBM members are allowed to visit with dinner reservations, and I have a quick question about reservations.

I'm hoping to catch a few of the shows, but I'm not sure how to time the dinner reservation...are guests allowed to attend a show BEFORE dinner, or must dinner be completed before the guest is allowed to attend the shows? I didn't see anything on the Castle's website that addressed this.

On a related note, I'm curious about other LA magic happenings I might attend...I apparently missed John Carney's show by a few months, much to my annoyance.

Any suggestions you could provide would be appreciated...
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Postby Donal Chayce » 05/06/09 02:20 PM

Guests can attend shows both before and after dinner. That said, in my experience if you want to see as many of the shows as possible, it's best to get dinner reservations for the very first seating.

In addition to visiting the Castle, I suggest you also check out Magicopolis while you're in Los Angeles. Here's a link:
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Postby DanV » 05/07/09 05:54 PM

Thanks Donal!

I've made the reservation...and thanks for the magicopolis link as well...

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