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Postby Tom Frame » 04/20/09 08:31 PM

Hey folks,

Yesterday, my wife surprised and delighted me when she spontaneously initiated a conversation about magic. This was a landmark moment and Im still grinning and reeling from the experience.

Anyway, she asked if magicians had ever created close-up effects in which coins are transformed into cards or vice versa. With much shame, I confessed to her that I wasnt aware of any such effects. But certainly, such effects must exist?

Im referring to fully fleshed out effects with engaging presentations, not the isolated act of transforming a coin into a card. Im looking for something more than, to paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld, Heres a coin. Now its a card. Youre an idiot.

Do effects of this type exist? Please enlighten us.

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Postby Joe Pecore » 04/20/09 08:46 PM

Paul Harris published "Strange Exchange" (originally in Close Up Fantasies Finale) in which a card changes places with a coin.
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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 04/20/09 09:29 PM

People have different ways of setting the groundwork for important conversations. You might do well to take a step back and look at the question. Or more importantly how and when it was asked.

Some have changed bills to cards by the handful or the deck to bills on the market even now. Some have done transpositions between folded cards and coins (as mentioned above also see Sankey) There's some pretty good reasons we don't often use marked coins or even the card-coins with cutouts. Most don't even remember the tricks from the Downs books where you change the dates on coins of from before that move the requested number of coins from one pile to another.

In short, the card has little value outside the pack while the coin is value it represents. The card is of unknown utility till you turn it face up while the coin is clearly denominated by weight, size and design.

Pretty much oil and water that only get mixed at the card table IMHO. :) Probably more important to find out what she's thinking about then fussing with magic props.
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Postby Tom Frame » 04/22/09 08:44 PM

So, that's it, eh? Thanks Joe and Jonathan.

Jonathan, in this case, a cigar is just a cigar.
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Postby Bill Duncan » 04/23/09 02:06 AM

There's a gaffed half dollar to card...
Steve Dusheck, if memory serves.

The problem is presentational.

The most obvious theme would be using cards to make (win) money, but changing cards to coins is technically problematic, and not as impressive or as easy as changing cards to bills.
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Postby Dan LeFay » 04/23/09 08:29 AM

I remember Lennart Green doing some visual transformation from a coin into some cards on one of his videos.
Also, though it is not exactly what you're asking, he has a very funny matrix (at least for magicians) where he covers cards with coins and the cards assemble under the coins.

I would not be surprised if Jean Paul Valerino has something on this, it seems like his style...
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Postby Philippe Billot » 04/23/09 09:03 AM

Cards assemble instead of the coins.

See Encore II by Michael Ammar (1981) Card Matrix.
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