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Postby David Acer » 04/17/09 06:19 PM

Genii reader Steven Go e-mailed me a few additional (or at least related) credits for Michel Huot's "Signed Quarter in Balloon" (May, 2009), which I'm posting here with his permission (although I never confirmed the font).

Dear Mr. Acer:

I enjoy your writings in Magicana each monthyou're gathering a lot of top flight material and you describe it all really well! I'm especially enamored of the 4 card control of Scott Robinson.

I do have a couple of credits for "Signed Quarter in Ballon" by Michel Huot (May, 2009)

"Airtight" by Jay Sankey in Sanky Pankey, 1986 (written by Kaufmanpreviously published in Richard's Almanac Vol 2, No. 15November 1983): The credit is for Huot's method of "extracting" the coin from the balloon, which bears a striking similarity to the method Sankey uses to extract a card from a balloon. Copperfield used a similar handling in his version of "Airtight" on one of his specials (routined by Michael Weber, I believe).

"Animated Card Thru Balloon of Death" by Kevin James - which I believe uses the idea of a shim object in a balloon (in that case, to effect visible penetration of a card into a balloon).


Steven Go
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