looking for a rope routine?

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Postby Duane Williams » 04/15/09 07:20 PM

I was wondering if anybody knew of a name,trick,routine etc.. You take the ends off of a rope and you have a complete circle of rope during a cut and restored rope routine. Is this something I have to make or is there a trick that I could buy already made.
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Postby Donal Chayce » 04/15/09 08:28 PM

There are a number of rope routines that include that bit, but if I were you I'd seek out the original upon which they are all based: George Sands' "Sandsational Rope" or "Ropesational". Here's a link:

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Postby Duane Williams » 04/15/09 10:10 PM

Thanks I will take a look at it.
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Postby Marc Rehula » 04/17/09 02:10 PM

I like John Zanders Loose Ends routine. It's not difficult, and there's lots of room for personalizing the routine, as well as improvising around it so that it can be as long or as short as you'd like. Sander's rope DVD is full of cool moves, but I don't have time to pick and choose. Loose Ends is already audience-tested as is. In Issue 10 of Reel Magic Magazine, there is an excellent cut-and-restore move, Mark Tams' 'Slice with a Twist', that I'd like to work into it.
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Postby flynn » 04/17/09 04:14 PM

Daryls video "Expert Rope Magic Volume vol. 3" is good. It has more than a couple dozen sleights and moves including the "endless rope" illusion as he called it, plus some effects with knots, several rope thru neck illusions, some ring and rope effects and much more. It has several short routines including a short professors nightmare routine.

The featured item in the video "Daryls Rope Routine" is a good one too learn. Its pretty easy as far as the method involved its the patter that I found to be difficult to get down as the routine last well over five minutes. Seven minutes I think. The moves and sleights used in the routine include the endless rope illusion, cut and restore without the use of scissors and other basic moves. For all intents and purposes its a very nice Nightmare routine. Another plus about his routine is that you can use the same set of ropes for as long as you want, till the get soiled I guess. They also pack nicely in a bundle ready to go as is to start the routine.

I got my video used for 10 dollars at the local magic shop. They sell for around 30 bucks and worth every penny of it. The rope routines worth more than double the price of the video IMO as it's an award winning routine if I remember reading it on the cover. Maybe someone might now if it is or not. I dont have the video handy with me.
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Postby Duane Williams » 04/18/09 10:22 AM

Many Thanks to everyone. I will look in to all of them.

Thanks so much
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