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Postby Tony Rush » 04/07/09 12:42 PM

I'm going to be in Atlanta this weekend and was wondering what
magic store seems to be "the one" for local magicians in the Atlanta

According to Google there is "Eddie's Trick Shop" which looks promising.
The "Magic Masters" store is less promising given that those stores
are usually sort of a mini-franchise that specialize only in very
basic tricks like "Rocky the Raccoon", "De-Lite" and "Scotch and Soda".

Anyone here have another recommendation? It'd be nice to spend
some time in a store with a good selection and to meet some
new friends.

Tony Rush
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Postby Richard Perrin » 04/07/09 09:39 PM

You did a good job ny checking the Google. Far as I know there is no magic shop in Atlanta... only outside of Atlanta. Eddie's trick has quite good few selection but not as huge as other magic shops (outside of Georgia). I bought few from there. Hope you'll find something from there.
Oh, by the way, there are 2 magic clubs. If you're member of IBM or SAM, you can check it out from the magazine, The Linking Ring and MUM.
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Postby Tony Rush » 04/08/09 10:24 AM

Richard, thanks for the personal insight. I'm a bit surprised that a city the size of Atlanta doesn't have at least one big store that everyone gravitates toward. I was hoping to find something along the lines of LaRock's in Charlotte which is a good-sized place with lots of books and an assortment of magicians hanging out every afternoon. :) I'll check out Eddie's while I'm there.

I'm a SAM member so I'll see if the Atlanta group happens to have anything going on this weekend.

Thanks again!
Tony Rush
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Postby Joe M. Turner » 04/08/09 01:04 PM

Eddie's is in Marietta and in Duluth. There is no magic shop in the city proper. Magic Masters has no retail locations in metro-Atlanta anymore.

The SAM meets Tuesday night the 14th. I have a gig and will not be there.

I do have a show Saturday midday but could probably squeeze in a visit in the afternoon if you'd like to have coffee. Let me know what part of town you're in. Call me at 404 644 6791.
Joe M. Turner
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Postby Tony Rush » 04/08/09 03:51 PM

Joe, I've no idea what my schedule will be so I wouldn't want to inconvenience you with an open-ended appointment.

BTW, just for clarity, I'm one of those people who refer to the entire Atlanta Metro area as "Atlanta". If it's in Decatur, Smyrna, Marietta, etc....I'll probably still call it "Atlanta".

We'll probably drive over and check out Eddie's on Friday or Saturday depending on the schedule.

Joe, which one do you recommend: Marietta or Duluth? Do you know the resident magician there? Is there one? How large is their magic counter? Do they have a decent selection of books?

Thanks for your assistance,

P.S. We're moving to Atlanta in the next few months. I'll definitely get in touch with the SAM group when we get settled in. Thanks.
Tony Rush
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Postby johnsonbynight » 11/24/09 09:20 PM

There is a great magic store in the discover mills mall in lawrenceville. Here is their website, they're just getting started so it is pretty threadbare, but it's a great store with great people who truly love doing magic.
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Postby Richard Perrin » 11/24/09 10:19 PM

When did they open?
Richard Perrin
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Postby Mark.Lewis » 11/25/09 07:15 AM

I remember a Magic Masters in the underground mall there. I believe it is now gone. I visited Atlanta some years ago to do a trade show. From the little I saw of it I must say it is not my favourite city. I didn't really like it at all.

I take Toronto too much for granted. I probably live in the greatest city in North America despite the bloody awful winter and the fact that there are far too many Canadians in Canada.

As for Magic Shops we are incredibly lucky here. We have two of the best stocked magic shops anywhere you will find. It is a shame that they are both feeling the pinch with the recession that is going on even up here. I expect that in about a year things will brighten up for them.

It is a very tough time for brick and mortar magic shops many of which seem to be going under.

I am very lucky to be a svengali pitchman not that I do it much anymore. There is no recession for people like me.
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Postby ScottSpencer » 01/26/10 07:23 PM

For years Eddies was the best would would find in Atlanta. I grew up there and actually worked at the Memorial Drive location for a while (its now closed).

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