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Postby John Tudor » 03/31/09 11:31 PM

Here's a brief documentary about the experience of two young magicians who were guided into their first stage show.

On Youtube:

Two young amateur magicians were invited to be in the big show...what was it like for them?
Presenting The First Timers (Magic Show) a photo documentary about newcomers to a Magic Show, by Ashton Vazquez. The interviews were held while preparing for Cavalcade of Magic, Nov. 15, 08, in Columbia, SC. It features Bauer Westeren, a young Mind Reader, and Cameron Burks, a young escape artist. They are guided by Joey Vazquez, and John Tudor, and also seen is magician Brandon Wagster.
The show itself was put on by by the Society of American Magicians #284/Society of Young Magicans #132. The day of performances was a fundraiser for Glenforest School.
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