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Postby Conus » 03/22/09 06:02 PM

I received my first copies of "Hard Copy" -- a manipulation newsletter by Gregg Webb.

Among other things, Gregg is SPILLING THE BEANS about his "No Steals" card manipulation routine. He's serializing the entire routine, and explaining every move in great detail -- including "why" each move is done.

I learned this routine from Gregg and have used it as the core of my card manip routine. I love it -- no body steals, no special clips, etc -- you could perform this routine in a T-shirt and shorts. It is a long routine that he's been refining for 45+ years. (Gregg learned a lot about card manip decades ago from Walter Cummings, who was the chief instructor at the "Chavez College.") Actually, I'm kind of bummed that he's tipping the WHOLE thing, but that's the way it goes!

He's also covering other things in his newsletter, such as a great coin matrix, etc.

See Gregg's advertisement in Genii Magazine for details, or write to:

Gregg Webb
28-32 208th St.
Bayside, NY 11360

This is not a glossy magazine -- it's typewritten and fully illustrated, but you'll enjoy reading it and learning Gregg's material.

(I have nothing to personally gain from this posting.)
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Postby Conus » 04/11/09 05:42 PM

I just received two more issues of "Hard Copy."

I am impressed with the thought and detail Gregg has put into this.

His serialized "No Steals" card manip routine continues, with clear illustrations and explanations behind the moves and the strategies of his routine. (Careful crediting, too.) Included is a new packet vanish Gregg based on a famous move from the "Chavez" school of manipulation.

Issue four is dedicated to Gregg's pal Jeff McBride, and features one of Jeff's personal pet tricks. (This includes a really cool idea for a production from thin air.)

Also, Gregg has begun writing a new manipulation sequence with an unusual prop. (Corks)

Coverage of his coin & card matrix continues, as well.

I have to say I'm pretty happy with these newsletters -- thought I'd share this with you all.
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