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On Thursday March 26th at 7:00pm, Midwest Magic is Proud to Present:

Jania Taylor

Getting A Gig Is A Full Time Job

Want to get more bookings, and make more money with your magic? Wouldn't you like to get a return on some of the money you have spent on magic effects? It t is time to make an investment in yourself! We all have enough tricks, now learn some marketing tricks, to make money with your magic. Yes, the economy is bad, but with a little extra work, shows can be found. Spend a little less time on Facebook, and invest that time on boosting your booking. There are simply affordable things that you can do to generate more booking.

Whether you're a full -time or part-time pro here is your chance to learn some tested techniques on getting your name out there, and the phone ringing. From the cornfields of Northwestern Ohio, to the resort area of Northern Michigan, Jania has made a living with her magic for the past 26 years. While choosing not to live in a metropolitan area she has made a living in her own backyard, as well as gone places she has wanted to visit. She is her own best agent, and you can be too!

P. T.Barnum said I know half of the advertising for my circuses is wasted - if only I knew which half. In "Getting A Gig Is A Fulltime Job" Jania has taken some of guess work out of the marking crap shoot for you. She will talk straight with you, and share what has work for her, as well as some of her marketing blunders.

She has opened up her marketing files to you:

Sales letters Contracts
Thank you letters
Reminder Cards
Newspaper Ads
Booking sheets
You will learn:

How to target market
How to compile a mailing list
How to put together self-mailing pieces
How to write news releases
What to say when cold calling
and much, much more!
Her notes are full of examples, and she will bring tons more to the lecture. Jania asks that you bring your marking pieces with you to share and brainstorm over.

Cost is only $10, so call (847) 455-4288 and make your reservation today!

Midwest Magic, 9706 Franklin Av., Franklin Park, Illinois

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Remember it's TONIGHT !!!
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