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Postby Carlo Morpurgo » 03/02/07 09:44 AM

Hello - I am trying to get in touch
with Frank Radtke, with the House of Fakini.
The phone number that is available online does not seem to work anymore....(i.e. 419-255-8658)
Does anyone know his current contact number?

Thanks, Carlo
Carlo Morpurgo
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Postby Guest » 03/02/07 10:52 AM

Hi Carlo,

Martinka is one of the few dealers that Frank has chosen to carry the Fakini line. Please drop us an email or phone call if you are looking for something in particular.


Martinka & Co.
(201) 444-7576

Postby Guest » 03/05/07 07:13 AM

Last summer at Abbotts Get Together, Frank mentioned he moved and this is the info on the new brochure he gave me.....

House of Fakini
316 Jackson Street
Delta Ohio 43515
telephone 419-822-3386
fax 419-822-3247

Postby Carlo Morpurgo » 10/11/10 03:22 PM

I wonder what happened to the House of Fakini - is it still alive? Does anyone know the new address/Phone number, (if any). The one mentioned above does not work anymore.
Carlo Morpurgo
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Postby erdnasephile » 10/11/10 05:40 PM

I would recommend contacting Denny Haney (Denny & Lee)--he may have in stock what you require or know how to acquire it.
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Postby Andrew Pinard » 10/11/10 07:39 PM

Frank passed away some time back (within the last year or so). Frank was a great guy, very knowledgable and extremely helpful. I understand that someone is keeping the business active, but Denny is probably the right person to talk with...
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Andrew Pinard
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