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Postby Guest » 01/09/02 02:48 PM

Last year I attended the IBM Convention in Orlando, Florida. I was considering attening the IBM convention again this year, but wondered what others thoughts were on the best conventions to go to in 2002. What would you recommend?

Postby Brian Marks » 01/09/02 05:27 PM

SAM is going to be in NY celebrating 100 years. It should be good.
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Postby Adam Brooks » 01/09/02 06:14 PM

I see you're in DC. If you felt like making the trek, the Magifest in Columbus, OH promises to be a fantastic convention. They've got Carney, Caveney, Martin Lewis, Josh Jay, a very fine looking lineup indeed!

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Postby Guest » 01/10/02 05:44 AM

Blackpool Convention in the U.K. next month.
One of, if now not the biggest convention in the world. They are celebrating their 50th.
Tamariz is one of the MANY performers that will be there.

You might be able to get some flight bargains at the moment with the state of the airline industry.

Postby Brad A._dup1 » 01/10/02 07:31 AM

From what I've read so far, SAM seems better than IBM.

I'm in San Diego, so it's cost effective for me just to go to IBM.

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Postby Brian Marks » 01/10/02 11:27 AM

well Orlando is cheaper than NY in terms of hotel rates but its cheaper to move around NY since it is a commuter town.
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