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Postby DeomnMentalist » 03/05/09 03:52 PM

Hi all,

I'm new to the forum, so excuse me if i'm a bit wet behind the ears, not used to this new-fangled internet malarky.

I've recently been considering investing a bit more of my hard earned money in a few books/effects etc. and though it'd be a good idea to come get some advice here...

I've read (and made good use of) Daniel Love "DreamSigns" star sign revelation effect, off the back of a suggestion from a friend of mine. Anyway, I noticed he has another work available called "In League with the Devil", which looks interesting, but as you all know, funds are always tight when it comes to mentalism purchases, and i like my money to be spent on effects wisely.

So just wondered who has read or used any of the effects from this ebook?
My main performance styles are closeup and stage performance. Rarely do any parlour work, its either one end of the spectrum or the other. I'm a big fan of risky but genuine psychological effects, psychological subtleties style. So hopefully that gives you some background on what i like so you can answer my question easier.

I also heard that Mr Love was one of the final 5 participants on Derren Browns Russian Roulette show (seems odd to me!) so wondered if there is some kind of connection there, as his DreamSigns work seems pretty nifty in the psychological department.

Anyway, this is a long post for a first time user, so thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any help.

Oh, and here's the link to the effect for those who have no idea what im talking about.


May well just make the plunge and buy it myself, if i do i'll pop a review here as soon as i have.

ps any other interesting effects or advice are really welcome too! thanks.
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Postby Dick Christian » 03/06/09 02:03 PM

I have no idea what your level of experience is with either magic or mentalism, nor have I seen or am familiar with Mr. Love's "Dream Signs," but I have seen reviews of it on another forum and while there were a few that had nice things to say about it, the majority were far less than favorable. One of the subscribers on the other forum had also posted some highly derogatory comments about Mr. Love, asserting that he has little or no experience, is largely unfamiliar with either the fundamental work in mentalism or the "classics" in the genre. That post has since been deleted from the forum because of the writer's unfortunate use of inappropriate language.

The foregoing notwithstanding, I recently purchased "In League With The Devil," primarily because one of the effects included is a book test (a subject of particular interest to me). In all candor, after reading all four of the effects in the manuscript I am sorry to say that I am inclined to agree with those who have been underwhelmed by Mr. Love's creations. The effects described in "In League With The Devil" strike me as either very unsophisticated or so overly dependent on psychological subtleties of tenuous reliability as to lead me to suspect that Mr. Love has vastly overstated and exaggerated both his performing experience and the effectiveness of his ideas in actual performance. While psychology plays an even greater role in the performance of mentalism than most other magic, on the basis of this manuscript Mr. Love does not strike me as one who has more than the most superficial understanding of or appreciation for the subject.

The author of the now deleted post on the other forum indicated that Mr. Love's experience was limited to little more than a role as a participant in the TV program starring Derren Brown -- an association on which he is making every effor to capitalize. After reading his "Devil" manuscript I consider that assertion entirely credible and suggest that your $20 would be better invested elsewhere.

Despite my comments, you might wish to solicit the opinions of others before making a final decision as I sometimes impose higher standards than some in evaluating material.
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