"Snowstorm" packet preference?

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Postby dlfodness » 03/03/09 01:39 PM

The Snowstorm in China packets I am now using are OK but not great. Mondo Magic offers their "Blizzard Wizard" packets. How are these, compared with others? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Postby Nathan Allen » 06/24/09 08:41 PM

When I did Snowstorm, the ones made by Larry Maples & Raven (I believe those are the names) I found to be the best for my purposes. Three stacks instead of two, broke easily when needed to break, and didn't "clump". Just be sure to wrap it up with one strip before using it. Some of them tend to be a bit loose. I used two packets, side by side. Impressed the audience. Pissed off the cleaning crew.
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Postby fredreisz » 06/25/09 01:21 AM

I use a sort of roll-your-own option, that is I follow the instructions from Kevin James given with his snow snimators. I bought a load of white tissue paper. It is labor intensive but works well. Peace..Fred Reisz
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Postby Ray Eden » 06/25/09 05:39 AM

I've been using the Snowstorm loads from SEO Magic, a Japanese company. I didn't tell my team that I was changing to the SEO loads, and after the performance they all asked how come the Snowstorm looked so much better... it was the SEO loads. They are are great. Jeff McBride is the one who recommended them to me.
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Postby Curtis Kam » 06/25/09 06:03 AM

SEO stuff, hands down. The best, lightest, most reliable loads ever.
Curtis Kam
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Postby Tom Bennett » 09/11/09 06:35 AM

Make it yourself! Get Tissue, a paper cutting machine and just do it. Cheap and they do not clump at all.
I do stuff them into blown out white eggs, that way you can fix it with a ball holder.

Work really fine with me.
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