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Postby Kurt Lee Flickner » 02/27/09 09:36 PM

To inquire to items please email me at Magicalpro@aol.com

This is an updated list of Estate Sale Magic that was emailed out earlier this week to everyone signed up on my email list.

If you had previously signed up on the list, and did not receive the email, you might have changed your email address since the last time I emailed out a list, or your ISP may be blocking my emails. If you wish to be added to my list, you must send me an email to MagicalPro@aol.com, nearly 80 emails I sent, bounced back.

It has been about a year since I sent out an Estate Sale List, there will be more coming in the very near future since in the early summer we are moving from California to Colorado. Moving companies want 40 cents a pound for that move, so I better clear out some stuff!

Here is the newest list # 17, full descriptions, condition and photos can be found on web site www.MagicEstateSale.com . To order things send me an email with the name of the item, my stock #, and my price, it is all the info that is on the top line of the description on the web site, in the red boxes. Be sure to include your shipping address, so I can reserve your item, and notify you of total with shipping charges.

Please also refer to previously listed items that are still available on the web site, to look for other treasures

Magic Estate List 17

Appearing Bird Cage M101-1829 NOW $65.00

Appearing Ladder from Tool-Box M101-1879 Regular $300 NOW $200.00

Appearing Soda Can Jeff Stewart M101-1830 NOW $20.00 SOLD

Assistant Diploma: 20 Pk Wand to Diploma M101-1885 reg $7.50 NOW $5.00 SOLD

Astro Ball Cabinet M101-1831 NOW $225.00

Card Spider Mfrd by Delben M101-1832 NOW $225.00

Cards to Flower Box M101-1887 Now $15.00

Cinderella Goes to School M102-1833 NOW $40.00

Coin Ladder/w DVD M101-1834 Reg $300 NOW $215 SOLD

Coin Pail mfrd by Vampire M101-1835 NOW $350.00 SOLD

Deans Box M101-1836 NOW $215.00

Delben Magic Blotter M103-1837 NOW $115

Die Box Large Custom made M101-1838 NOW $225.00

Die Box Medium Custom made M101-1839 NOW $135.00

Drawer Box by Eden Magic Co M101-1840 NOW $200.00

Duck Puppet M101-1841 NOW $35.00 SOLD

Duck Pan M101-1842 NOW $10.00

Enchanted Treasure Chest M101-1843 Reg Retail $200 NOW $125.00

Flat Rabbit M101-1883 NOW $5.00

Fraidy Cat Rabbit M101-1844 NOW $45.00 ON HOLD

Gemini Tunnel M101-1845 NOW $75.00

Giant and Dwarf M101-1846 NOW $125.00

Goofus Plant M101-1847 NOW $45.00 ON HOLD

Hippety Hop King and Queen M101-1848 NOW $125.00

Hippety Hop Rabbits MAK Magic M101-1849 NOW $30.00 ON HOLD

Houdini Under Water Ball Escape M101-1886 NOW $15.00 ON HOLD

Humpty Dumpty retails for $125.00 M101-1850 NOW $95.00 SOLD

In A Pig's Eye M101-1884 reg $10.00 NOW $7.00 SOLD

Losander Floating Super Deluxe Table M101-1851 Reg $1800 NOW $1200

Merv Taylor Comedy Funnel with Isley Valve M101-1852 NOW $135.00 SOLD

Mouse, Cat & Dog by Terry and Norma M102-1853 NOW $179.00

No Sweat Jet Set M101-1878 Reg $135.00 NOW $90.00 ON HOLD

Number Box from Germany M101-1854 NOW $135.00 SOLD

Passing Water Kovari (with drill) M101-1855 reg $455.00 NOW $240.00

Pizza Oven by Markwood these retailed for $100plus M101-1856 NOW $35.00 SOLD

P&L Change Bag M101-1875 NOW 95.00 SOLD

P&L Change Bag M101-1876 NOW $100.00

P&L Change Bag M101-1877 NOW $150.00

P&L Comedy Passe Passe Bottles and Glass M101-1857 NOW $125.00

Porper Coin Wand retails $239.00 M101-1857 NOW $175.00

Posi-Negative M101-1858 NOW $50.00

Rabbit Wringer by Abbotts M102-1859 reg retail $175 NOW $125.00

Showtech M101-1874 Regular $2400.00 NOW $600.00

Silk Cabby Dragon M101-1880 NOW $75.00

Stoppit by Trevor Lewis M102-1860 NOW $175.00

Spider Backdrop M101-1870 NOW $1100.00

Tea Kettle, Deluxe by MAK Magic M101-1871 NOW $35.00 SOLD

Top Hat Surprise M101-1882 reg $14-$18 NOW $9.00 SOLD

Vanishing Torch by MAK Magic M101-1881 NOW $10.00

Westgate Water Bowl Production M101-1872 NOW $100.00

Wolf Wacky Side Table M101-1873 NOW $1950.00

Wonder, Tommy Floating Silver Sphere M101-1874 NOW $400.00


Albo Volume 4 Further Classic Magic W/ Apparatus B101-1379 NOW $350.00

Albo Volume 5 Still Further Classic Magic W/ Apparatus B101-1380 $1200.00

Best in Magic, The B101-1397 NOW $4.00 SOLD

Blackstones Secrets of Magic B101-1398 NOW $3.00 SOLD

Burling Hulls Encyclopedia of Stage Illusions B101-1381 NOW $425.00

Dunningers Complete Encyclopedia of Magic B101-1400 NOW $7.00

Encyclopedia of Dove Magic Volume 5 B101-1382 retailed for $45.00 $35.00

Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic B101-1383 NOW $185.00

Expert at the Card Table B101-1393 NOW $5.00

Greater Magic Kaufman edition B101-1384 $275.00

Impromptu Magic from the Magic Castle B101-1392 NOW $5.00 ON HOLD

Houdini!! Career of Erich Weiss B101-1401 retail 17.00 NOW $7.00

Jack Hughes World of Magic Set Volumes 1,2 & 3 B101-1385 NOW $545.00 SOLD

Kellars Wonders B101-1386 NOW $125.00 SOLD

Magic With Cards B101-1396 NOW $4.00

NY Symposium of Magic Volumes 1-5 B101-1387 sold as set only $225.00

Royal Road to Card Magic, The B101-1395 NOW $5.00

Servais Le Roy - Monarch of Mystery B101-1388 NOW $70.00

Safety Magic For Children by Karl Wagner B101-1389 NOW $25.00 SOLD

Sponge Ball Manipulation B101-1402 NOW $3.00 SOLD

Tannens Catalogue #12 B101-1394 NOW $5.00

Tarbell Set, volumes 1-7 regular retail $175.00 B101-1390 NOW $75.00 SOLD

Thayer Quality Magic Vol 1 B101-1399 NOW $9.00

To inquire to items please email me at Magicalpro@aol.com

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