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Postby close up dude » 02/15/09 02:35 PM

Where are the Magician hang outs in Miami?
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Postby David Sandy » 02/17/09 06:52 PM

A lot of magicians will be hanging out in Miami on Saturday, May 2 for the pre-cruise party the night before Magic Cruise 2009 departs on Sunday, May 3. :-)
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Postby Merlina » 02/18/09 06:46 PM

Greetings, the IBM Ring 45 meets the 2nd tuesday of every month at the South Miami Elks and SAM 280/Magic City Conjurers meets the third wednesday of the month at the same location.

On March 1 there will be a 1 day mini convention held at the Elks club. Events will run from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and include lunch, cocktail hour, dinner, a show featuring Aldo & Rachel Colombini, Illusionist Alexander Blade, Levent and the legendary John Calvert. There will be 3 lectures, a dealers room, a fleamarket and more for a low cost of $50 for the whole day and that includes the meals.

Drop me an e-mail at or PM me if you are interested and I'll be happy to get you more details.

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