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Postby Dale Shrimpton » 02/13/09 12:42 PM

I am so glad that I have been given the chance to review Craig Pettys latest book Born a Freak.
Because the bottom line is, its Brilliant.

Each and every effect described in it is practical, entertaining, and workable in the real world.
The effects are as follows...

1A sweet transpo.
A copper and silver type of effect, where a love heart sweet, and a coin change places several times.
The routine ends with the two items fused together creating an impossible thing.

To me, this is the kind of effect that you will wish you had in your repertoire on Valentines Day.
And you will be glad to hear that there are no difficult sleights to master, as the beauty of this effect, is in the presentation.

2Eagles are better than pigeons.
A wonderfull card and coin routine in which a coin finds a chosen card several times. Towards the end of the routine, the deck is boxed, and the coin changes into the chosen card.
Its the kind of routine Id be happy to watch several times. I can well imagine that the lay audiences will adore this.
And its a great mix and mingle routine, suitable for walk around, as no table is required.

3 Million Dollar Opener.
Well, this is a super walk around routine. You borrow a five pound note from a spectator and state that you will change it into a million pounds, in their hands... The note changes into a lottery ticket, which, if the magic works, may well turn into that million next weekend.
That note, then turns into an i.o.u for the five pounds, which in a flash, changes back into the fiver.
And not a thumb tip in sight.
Its got it all, Money, fire, and a great flowing story line that you are bound to get a lot of use out of.

4East Meets West.
A classic theme of magic, the Chinese coin and silver.
The beauty of this routine, is that the final stage all happens within the spectators hands. Those that know me well enough to buy me a beer, will have heard me state many times that having things happen in their hands, is the most powerful moment in magic you can possibly get. This routine, does not disappoint.

5Monster Note Routine.
A borrowed note, an i.o.u, and a business card change, and swap places during a routine that illustrates why you should never trust a magician.
This is a real performance piece that on first glance could be confusing, but stick with it. Its got some wonderfull moments built into it, and a shopping list of stuff, that reads like a stock take at W, H Smiths!

A routine in which 3 coins appear, vanish, and finally re appear to take their bow before an appreciative audience.
Not owning the gaffs needed for this routine, I can only say that on reading it sounds wonderfull. As is all Craigs coin work.
I am sure that you will be delighted with the great details that Craig has written up on this one.

7the prestige.

Using the Teleporting man Illusion from the book and film The prestige, a stick man is drawn on the back of a business card . a playing card is then chosen. The stick man then vanishes, as does the chosen card.
Towards the end of the routine, the stick man is discovered on the back of another business card in the spectators wallet holding the chosen card.
Isnt that a lovely plot? One of those darn, I wish I had thought of those moments.
Well, you will be glad to hear that Craigs done that for you, in this lovely clean audience pleaser of an effect. I strongly suspect that this is the trick of the book, and its worth buying for this routine alone. So commercial, and so memorable.

And finally

8. The world famous Bullet catch.

A highly visual card routine which sees a signed card, representing the spectator and another, representing a bullet, recreating of one of magics most legendary effects the bullet catch.
Fantastic stuff!!

And here I have to end my review of this wonderfull book.
I believe that Craig will be launching it at this years Blackpool convention, and its going to be selling for a bargain price of under a tenner ( exact price t.b.c)
Remember I said that the stick man was worth the price of the book? Forget that bit. Its worth many times more than the book.
My only criticism Craig is that you are underselling this excellent manuscript!


Difficulty 3

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

I believe it will be available via the world magic shop's instant download system, after the convention.

For those of you attending the blackpool convention, as an added bonus, Costas on the world magic shop stand, will be giving away a copy of this excelent work, with every purchase.

now you cant say fairer than that can you!
Dale Shrimpton
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