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Postby T Baxter » 02/07/09 04:22 PM

I'm doing research on the nail writer, and obtained a copy of Craige M. Snader's pamphlet: THE WORLD'S SMALLEST MAGIC APPARATUS (Exclusive Magical Publications, 1987.)

In it Craige mentioned plans to release a book called: WRITERS, some time in 1990.

Does anyone know if this was ever released? If not, what has happened to Craige's manuscript?

I'm very interested in any and all information, photos, re: nail writers, swami writers, thumb writers, etc.

Especially interested in information on nw's made by Conrad Haden, George Kirkendall and Dave Lederman.

If your information is too lengthy to post here, please e-mail me at:

Many thanks,

Thomas Baxter
T Baxter
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Postby JimAlfredson » 02/07/09 09:37 PM

Dear TB:
To the best of my knowledge, Craige didn't get around to publish his opus on nail writers. He was a man of enthusiasm, with a lot of irons in the fire--a long anticipated book on the late Leslie May, e.g., (Yours Aye, Leslie May). After Craige's death, his son continued to run his business from the same address; however, this has been some years ago and I have no idea how to reach his family. Should the son be reached, I suspect he has such Ms. material as exists. Sorry I can't tell you more. -jim alfredson
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Postby T Baxter » 02/08/09 07:12 PM

Thanks, Jim.

I'm attempting to contact the family, but so far no response.

T. Baxter
T Baxter
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