michael griffin -vs- harley newman masters of illusion

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Postby escapeguy » 02/07/09 01:01 PM

Ok, now I that I have your attention.....
don't know if this was posted before.
It shows what editing can do, I have never had the pleasure of meeting Harley yet and my segment was not even set up as a "competition" to begin with.
I did a spot where I and a spectator were locked into heavy straitjackets.
I got out in a flash. I explained to the audience that I tricked them just like most magicians on TV and that I used a fake jacket.

I was then locked into the jacket that the other guy had on and taken up into the air... Funny thing is while we were getting shots blocked for the camera and warming up the audience with some stuff, my stepbrother rode up on his bike,,,,,,immediately used him as the other guy in the jacket.

Best to all

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Postby Mark Paulson » 02/07/09 03:02 PM

I couldn't see anything. Was it filmed at night?
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Postby Tom Frame » 02/08/09 11:33 AM


Thanks for the clip and the interesting story.

I'm curious. Since you won a competition that never occured, will you receive an imaginary prize? If so, how will you know that you've received it?
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Postby Mark Paulson » 02/08/09 08:19 PM

I see the link is working now. Pretty entertaining (and good editing).
Thanks for the clip.
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Postby Magic Newswire » 02/18/09 07:00 PM

Which episode did this air as a part of? Has it even been broadcast yet? Different MOL?
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