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Postby Tim Ellis » 02/01/09 07:03 AM

I just received an email from this company

High Trick

Has anyone heard of them before?

The site looks very elaborate but many of the illusions listed for sale don't look "quite right".

They also have a store site here:

High Trick Store
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Postby Doug Thornton » 02/01/09 08:51 AM

Never heard of 'em, wonder where they're from; their copy was painful to read. Seem to be based in Europe. Interesting that the price for everything is $0.00 ! I tried ordering the barstool levitation but then I had to enter my credit card number for the 7 dollar shipping, so I passed.
Didn't read all of the descriptions but this one for the Crystal Dimension Mirror is great : "Doug Henning has been doing a version of this effect on TV lately." (!) :o
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