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Postby matthew w » 01/30/09 11:08 AM

I started up a magicians directory. People looking for magicians will be able to find it in search results and can locate magicians in their area. It cost nothing to get in there is nothing to lose.

There are quite a few states that are lacking magicians, so, if you want to be listed, sign up here:

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Postby chaz99 » 04/01/09 08:13 PM

Having a directory is a great idea. The only large retail store now that carries magic tricks is Target(Fantasma products) Most of the magic i purchase is through online businesses.
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Postby George Olson » 04/02/09 04:02 PM

I have a copy of "Directory of Maggicians" Compiled by C.R. Tracy

First Printing 1951

Beacon Press
Souix City, Iowa

As an aside the inside Front cover is an Ad for Genii. $4.00 per year!

The ads in the book are a virtual history of magic in the 50's.

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