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Postby Tom Dobrowolski » 01/27/09 10:51 AM

On Monday, February 2 at 7:30 PM, Midwest Magic is proud to present:


Ted Brainard is the creator of Kozmo Magic, which is recognized as one of today's premier magic video production companies. His "Reel Magic Magazine" continues to be the benchmark in the video magic industry. Ted's alter ego, Kozmo, is acknowledged to be one of the top street performers in the world today

Kozmo will begin his lecture with a performance of his professional street act. This is a treat in and of itself. Kozmo will proceed to explain each effect in his street act. Kozmo pushes the envelope by teaching you why he has chosen each effect and why he has placed each effect where it is in his act.

You will hear Kozmo talk about conditions on the street. He will give you his thoughts on how to make your "hats" bigger. You will laugh at some of the anecdotes you will hear, including a great story about Harry Anderson.

Kozmo will show you how the principles of performing in the street can also be applied to the restaurant magic venue as well as the trade-show floor.

You may well jump for joy, as there is ONLY ONE card trick in the lecture. To some of you this may be your motivation to attend the lecture.

What You Will Learn At Kozmo's Lecture:

Translocation Coins The reasons why Kozmo opens with this effect
Coins In The Cup You will learn how to make this effect play big rather than play small
A Card Trick How to make this trick play big or play small
The Sugar Packet Trick Why this effect plays so strong
Chop Cup Routine Kozmo's complete routine with all its nuances
Learn how to make your magic play stronger, and learn a lesson in psychology, magic, and audience management!
Plus much much more!!!

"Kozmo is what magicians need to be -- ENTERTAINING!" - Karl Norman
"All magicians need to see you work". -- Obie O'Brien

Tickets are $20 and seating in order of reservation, so call (847) 455-4288 today!

Midwest Magic, 9706 Franklin Av., Franklin Park, Illinois
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Postby Tom Dobrowolski » 01/30/09 01:23 PM

Remember to sign up today for this lecture.It's this coming Monday.

Check out other upcoming lectures (Hilford, Gertner, etc.) here:

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Postby Jeff.Prace » 01/30/09 11:43 PM

I've been to one Kozmo lecture and I'll be going to this one on Monday. His lecture is great, and I encourage everyone to come. Kozmo really goes all out in his teaching and his performance show is great.
See the trailer!
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