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Postby Jamie D. Grant » 01/23/09 01:59 AM

Hiya Gang!

I didn't want to post anything until I had them done, but they'll be finished this weekend so...

I've been commissioned by Fantasma Magic of New York City to make 44 special Limited Edition David Blaine autographed Split Spade "Anything Is Possible" bottles!

I'm just putting the finishing touches on them now and, if I may say so myself, they look amazing! David has signed each one and the corks will have his logo on the top- awesome! They look like my original AIP bottle ( http://www.whatizit.net ) but have David's deck inside in a few colour choices (Gold, Black, Red, and Blue).

They can be purchased right now at:

http://shopping.fantasmamagic.com/prodd ... ?prod=4397

And we'll be getting some pics up soon. That's about it!

Thanks for looking and remember, only 44 of these will be made,

Jamie D. Grant
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Jamie D. Grant
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Postby Geoff Weber » 01/23/09 12:51 PM

Now you should waterproof the plastic seals and the fill the bottles with liquid. (Bonus points if you can achieve a neutral density so the decks float in the middle)
Geoff Weber
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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 01/23/09 01:17 PM

Nice way to get decks of cards to castaways.
Mundus vult decipi -per Caleb Carr's story Killing Time
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Postby Jamie D. Grant » 02/06/09 01:56 AM

Here's one, if you'd like to see a picture:

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Jamie D. Grant
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Postby Bill Duncan » 02/06/09 03:22 AM

After several minutes of the Microsoft Phishing filter trying to scan the Fantasma website I gave up and killed the session.

Thanks for posting the pic Jamie.

For those who haven't see one of Jamie's bottles up close, the cards look flawless, like the bottle was formed around the deck.
Bill Duncan
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Postby greg manwaring » 03/03/09 07:16 PM

Hey, DB looks pleased to be in possession of one!!
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greg manwaring
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