Happy Birthday Jon Racherbaumer!

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Postby Dustin Stinett » 01/22/09 04:30 AM

Happy birthday Jon!

I hope all is well and you have a terrific day!

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Dustin Stinett
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 01/22/09 10:57 AM

I second the motion: Jon is 69 today.
Happy birthday, my friend.
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby David Alexander » 01/22/09 11:06 AM

Jon's a terrific guy. Best regards.
David Alexander
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Postby Tom Frame » 01/22/09 12:54 PM

Happy birthday, Jon! I hope your day is filled with mirth and magic.

Tom Frame
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Postby Magic Newswire » 01/22/09 01:06 PM

Happy B'day Jon!
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Magic Newswire
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Postby Steve Bryant » 01/22/09 01:39 PM

Happy Birthday, Jon.

Here's a song to brighten your day. It's "Pilot," by Garrison Keillor, a song celebrating last week's plane landing in the Hudson. I originally found it as a podcast on A Prairie Home Companion's News from Lake Wobegon on iTunes, but you can google it and find it in many places, such as here:

http://www.mefeedia.com/entry/pilot-by- ... /13654022/

Enjoy the day!

-- Steve
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Steve Bryant
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Postby Earle Oakes » 01/22/09 08:02 PM

Happy, Happy Birthday, young friend, Jon.

Continue onward.... Earle
Earle Oakes
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Postby Scott M. » 01/22/09 10:19 PM

I'm going to say "happy birthday" as well. I don't know Jon personally, but the column is one of my favorites in Genii. When I started reading Genii a couple of years ago after a decades-long hiatus from magic, I kind of resented that the column was two pages of material that wasn't always directly magic-related. Now, it's one of the things in the magazine I enjoy the most. Jon's got a great eye for interesting cultural material and his various thoughts and recommendations always resonate on a deep level. He's introduced me to writers I wouldn't know otherwise, and I even discovered one person through his column I subsequently hired to write something for a publication I edit, which means that now I feel okay about deducting Genii from my taxes. Again, happy birthday!
Scott M.
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Postby Kenardo » 01/24/09 01:38 AM

Happy Birthday, Jon.

Hope our paths cross again soon.

Ken Schwabe
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