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Postby CardioloJest » 01/20/09 02:58 PM

Now you see it, now you dont. Well actually, you just wish you didnt.

In lurid shorts, pale socks and loafers, magician Paul Daniels was trying hard to keep his cool in the Caribbean sunshine.

Unfortunately, he managed to break every rule for elegant mens dressing in the in the process.

His black slip-on shoes were matched with sky blue socks pulled as high as they would go - but sadly not high enough to hide a large expanse of pale leg.

Obviously fond of blue, he chose the same hue for his polo shirt. Then he added a pair of baggy red shorts and a rakishly-angled panama hat.

Debbie McGee, his wife of 20 years and one-time magic assistant, showed off her own fashion sense in a skimpy blue patterned bikini as she ventured out on the beach.

The former dancer, 50, swapped her bathing costume for a white cotton kaftan after her swim.

Her 70-year-old husband, who once held TV audiences of 18million spellbound with his tricks, had certainly earned a holiday.

He has been keeping busy, appearing in the Best Of Variety Tour 2008 which saw him showing off his card tricks in such venues as the Pavilion Theatre in Bournemouth.

Then after that, he and Miss McGee had a date to appear together in panto in Bridlington.
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Postby Kevin Connolly » 01/20/09 03:03 PM

WTF? And you still have time to edit this post too.
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Postby Don Knox » 01/20/09 03:18 PM

CardioloJest wrote:Obviously fond of blue, he chose the same hue for his polo shirt. Then he added a pair of baggy red shorts and a rakishly-angled panama hat.

Wow! Is somebody channeling Mr. Blackwell?
Don Knox
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Postby mrgoat » 01/20/09 03:25 PM

The Daily Mail really does report the important news.
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Postby David Alexander » 01/20/09 07:52 PM

And people get paid to write that snarky stuff.
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Postby Pete Biro » 01/22/09 02:06 PM

Hey, whats gone wrong? Its raining this morning and I really mean raining.
I am told by the locals that it wont last long and the sun will be out in a little while.
This is the second dampener in two days. The first was the Daily Mail publishing, without asking, pictures of us on holiday. I really get pissed off with the way that they invade privacy, especially when I am convinced they doctor photos to make their evil comments.
I dont believe that was a straightforward photo of Debbie
To those who made common sense comments on the Mail site, thank you and to those who were rude and ignorant, I feel sorry for you. The good news is, the sun is coming out
Regarding the photo of me on the beach. The heavily criticized photo of me was NOT taken on the beach, nor anywhere near it. I was walking down a street in town. I dont think that bare feet would suit the location or be safe, and I dont like sandals.
Stay tooned.
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 01/22/09 03:14 PM

There is no privacy for the famous.
Soon there'll be no privacy for the rest of us.
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Postby Bob Walder » 01/22/09 03:58 PM

Gotta say.... who gives a s**t what Paul Daniels wears on holiday? A lot of old men wear socks with sandals or shoes - it's not pretty, but do we really care? It it "news"? And Debbie is 50+ is she not? Do we expect her to still have the body of a 20 year old? Gimme a break..... The only thing that is more surprising than some a**hole reporter (and not forgetting his moronic editor!) thinking it makes a story is some other idiot thinking it is worth repeating.

Richard is spot on with his comment. Very sad.

Bob Walder
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Postby Dustin Stinett » 01/22/09 04:24 PM

PD posted a couple of snaps of Debbie in a bikini on his blog. She looks just fine to me (and how)!

As Joe E. Brown once said, "Zowie!"

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Postby Terrence » 01/22/09 04:32 PM

My wife is far better looking than Madonna as well.

And, the best news of all for those of us with wives like ours -- they're not Madonna!

You tell 'em Paul Daniels.
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Postby Levity » 01/25/09 08:52 PM

...and as Brown also once said, "Nobody's perfect."

"I suggest you watch very carefully..."
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