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Postby Danny Archer » 01/19/09 03:14 PM

I have e-mailed this info to many clubs from Maine to N. Carolina... if you are interested in seeing my lecture or workshop, please have your lecture chairperson contact my at 303-321-6267 or danny@dannyarcher.com

Hope to see many of the faithful in May... Danny
Hey my friends,

Since leaving the Magicians Lecture Network, for the past year I have been busy performing magic for laymen working six nights a week for three hours each night in the ski resort of Vail, CO. To say my magic has gotten tight is an understatement. Nothing hones your performances like working every day.

In Vail skiing shuts down in mid-April and we call that the "mud season" where tons of snow melts and many business shut down, and I thought that would be an excellent time to hit the road and share some of my new and old material with the magic fraternity. I am booked to do a major European multi-country tour in 2010 and I would like to start out in my own country.

I would like to start my tour in the Month of May. In addition to the lecture, I have a workshop that I can offer as well (info below). My lecture fee is $250 plus a hotel for the night of the lecture. In addition to the new effects, I will also be doing a few of my favorites from my first three sets of lecture notes.

Please read the info below and let me know if your group would be interested in booking my informative and entertaining lecture.


Danny Archer

Some of my newest creations...

Dye and dye again - a silk dying routine that is very clean that I perform many times each night...

D' dupe - two clever methods for doing a design duplication that uses nothing more than your business cards and a pen...

Frame Fly - 3 coins are produced from a purse frame and then they fly from hand to hand... at the end all the coins are vanished back into the purse...

Memdeck - I do the memorized deck for 3 hours every night, and if interested, I can discuss this most powerful tool and how I learned and perfected my technique...

Stopwatch Aces - four freely selected cards fly to four different pockets... then they instantly return to the pockets...

Double Hop - the reds and blacks are seperated... the black cards are placed into the box and two cards are freely selected from the reds... the selections vanish and are found amongst the blacks in the box...

A weigh out Prediction- the weight of several audience members is cleanly predicted in this gem of mental magic...

Danny Archer On Target

Danny Archer's lecture is a true lecture, not a dealer demo, all the effects are fully explained with no need to buy any special props. Danny has lectured and performed in 44 of the 50 States. Worldwide in Canada, Scotland, Wales, England, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Luxemburg, Israel, Italy, Spain and France.

He has performed at conventions like the IBM national convention (Kansas City 2001 & San Diego 2002), the British IBM national convention, Las Vegas Magic Invitational, Hank Lee's Cape Cod Conclave, A1 Convention at the Capital, Iowa State convention, LA State convention, FFFF, Houdini Convention, Rocky Mountain Magic, NYCAN, Sydney Superday of Magic, MINDvention, PCAM, TAOM, the Scottish National convention and twice at the Tannen's Jubilee.

His lecture is filled with solid, audience tested effects that can be learned and performed by anyone. You will see and learn original magic with cards, coins, bills, photographs, business cards and more. There is close-up, parlour and stage effects there is sleight of hand, self-working, mentalism and comedy magic no pipe dreams all with the Archer Touch.

Archer On Target

Handy Business when asked for your business card, this is a magical way to produce them.

Small Talk using a magic wand, three coins are produced and vanish.

Trick Photography II A photograph with a picture is shown. After performing the card trick written on the back, the card has vanished from the deck and appears in the photo.

Big Bill A version of Bank Night that is both funny and baffling.

DSP The performer mails a box in advance, which contains a digital recorder which correctly predicts the results of a sporting event.

Pick a Coin a stand-up coin routine that can be performed for a single person or an audience of hundreds.

Triple Thoughts Three spectators pick cards from a shuffled deck and they are revealed in a memorable manner.

Dexter the incredible card finding dog! a wind-up pooch saves the day by finding the selected card in a funny yet magical manner.

Star Search the performer makes two predictions before showing his autographed collection of movie stars. Both predictions are wrong but then a unique twist proves them right.

Twin Peeks - two devastating peeks that are both natural and allow you to do miracles with a deck of cards!

Reviews and Comments on Danny's Lectures

Thank you Danny! It had to be one of the best lectures we have had in the last 5 years at least. Everything you did was not only carefully explained but you presented it all with humor and explicit insight into the workings of each effect. They were all 100% working material with none of that experimental stuff. This was all solid, audience tested, routined and ready to be inserted immediately into ones act. Nothing was a "throw away" or "puff" piece.

Nice going. We can't wait to have you back again. The members will really show up en masse when we announce your name.
Sam Holveck Delaware Knights of Magic

I was at your lecture at the Magic Castle in January. You gave a great lecture. Thank you ! Your Archer Shuffle has got to be the best, most practical and useful card move that has been invented in the last 10 years. I love it! And your lecture notes, are nicely written and have LOTS of "worker" items in them. They are one of my better investments.

Joe Marotta

My students, (9 of them were at the lecture in Melbourne), spent the next session discussing your lecture, you, and your material. It was the consensus of opinion that the material was some of the best and most useable they had seen. I have to agree. I enjoyed your lecture very much, however I enjoyed you more.

Chuck Fayne

I want to thank you again for showing me the Grandfather Deck. I just returned from FISM and it created quite a sensation and fooled everyone I showed it to including; Mike Caveney, Bill Herz, Christopher Hart, Eugene Burger, Rich Bloch and many others. I hope you sell a million of them although I really wish I was the only one who had it.

Seth Kramer

GREAT lecture last night. I really enjoyed your routines. I especially appreciate the speed in which you went though the material. You kept it moving and entertaining. I'm excited about several of the things I saw and will be working on them very soon.

Shep Hyken

Danny Archers

Magic & Performance Workshop

In this 3 hour intensive workshop participants will learn:

** The Archer Shuffle a practical full deck false shuffle

** 1-100 - the real work on the $100 bill switch

** Eye Exam a classic packet effect with a killer climax

** Twin Peeks two devastating peeks and tricks using them

** Work and Techniques on the memorized Deck

** P3 A Coins from Purse Frame that leads into a 3Fly routine

** Sub-Atomic Coins utilizing a new gimmick, this incredible routine makes you look like a coin expert

** Balls a sleight of hand color changing ball routine

And more great magic as time permits!!!

All of the thinking involved in developing and presenting these effect will be discussed. Also information on creating and routining YOUR magic and topics selected by the participants.

Fee: $30.00

Each paid attendee gets the

specially printed Bicycle cards

for Eye Exam and an Emergency Card (retail value $20.00)
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