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Postby Magic Newswire » 01/19/09 10:30 AM

Tonight at 9PM EST : Featuring performances by Ed Alonzo, Scarlett, Arian Black, Jeff McBride, Kalin & Jinger, Zach Creahan-Mueller, Farrell Dillion & Ai & Yuki. We'll have an interview with Ed Alonzo posted shortly.
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Postby Magic Newswire » 01/19/09 06:21 PM

Just an update to let you know that my interview with Ed Alonzo made it online just in time for tonight's broadcast. ENJOY!
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Postby David Thomas » 01/19/09 07:45 PM

Go Zach!! :)
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Postby NCMarsh » 01/19/09 10:33 PM

the kid with the birdcage was hilarious...great act Orlando Magician
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Postby Magic Newswire » 01/20/09 03:40 PM

Zach did a nice job with the signed business card.
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Postby The Magic Apple » 01/21/09 11:03 AM

one of the best straight jacket escapes I have seen. That was the most original thing on that show! Good Job Mr Dillon.
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Postby Dave Egleston » 01/21/09 03:22 PM

Don't you wish that some of the acts would have practiced a couple of times through? At least no doves were killed on stage.

Farrell was very good and a highlight of the show along with the Bird Cage Guy.

All of the lady performers (with the exception if Jinger) should consider hiring a choreographer, their stage presence was at best herky-jerky and lacked professional quality.

Alonzo - always good.

Kid on the street did a better job than I could have, but then... I suck and stutter.

Kalin and Jinger were without a doubt the backbone of the show and Mark's billiard ball routine is a very pretty piece.

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Postby Dave Shepherd » 01/21/09 04:35 PM

I haven't seen the whole thing yet; it's on my DVR.

But I gotta concur with others: Kyle Eschen (kid with birdcage) is da bomb. That's a character he will easily carry into adulthood. Sort of a cross between Steven Wright and Bob Newhart. Great stuff!
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Postby Magic Newswire » 01/21/09 05:01 PM

Was talking with Jinger the other day and she mentioned that she was frustrated because of the music. They dubbed the music over the performance in editing and it had no connection to the music that she choreographed for the act... which made her her look out of sync. I imagine that the same applied to many of the other and contributed to the "herky-jerky-iness" .. but Jinger is a great dancer.
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Postby mai-ling » 01/21/09 08:08 PM

it wasn't bad.
i didn't fall asleep to it.
my boy friend liked it and
he's not into magic.
so that must mean something.

probably what was amusing is that
he kept telling me to shut up.
you will remember my name
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Postby flynn » 01/21/09 10:00 PM

I missed the first 40 minutes didnt get to see the birdcage guy but remember him from the last show when he did the silks, he is pretty funny. His chops is average but his presentation and showmanship is very good for his age especially.
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