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Postby mrgoat » 01/15/09 05:13 PM

New Durex condom commercial.


Not even slightly safe for work, contains GRAPHIC moving images of CGI balloon animals having sex. If you are of a sensitive disposition, do not watch.
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 01/15/09 08:24 PM

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Postby Ray T. Stott » 01/15/09 08:42 PM

It's not about the magic; it's about the daily box office gross.
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Postby Gord » 01/15/09 10:21 PM

Well, at least I know what my nightmare is going to be about tonight.

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Postby mikeymizz » 01/15/09 11:08 PM

who cares guys
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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 01/15/09 11:16 PM


on they say -

but if you look closely there's nothing going in.

not even hot air.

If they don't know where those things are supposed to be going ... how can you trust them to work properly for more than making asexual translucent semicritters.

notice how they did not even bother to show if they could be used as waterballoons.

Mundus vult decipi -per Caleb Carr's story Killing Time
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Postby David Scollnik » 01/16/09 12:30 AM

Well, I thought your video was quite amusing, Mr. Goat. (Check out the 'chocolate flavoured' commercial, under the related videos on the page you linked to.)

Here's a less risque amusement for some of the other forum participants ...

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