"Houdini" masks front page of today's NY Post

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Postby MaxNY » 01/14/09 02:26 PM

Once again the word "Houdini" masks the headline of today's New York Post...
Wednesday Jan. 14th, 2009. Used to describe the Pilot who faked his death.

http://www.nypost.com/seven/01142009/ne ... 150084.htm

They also used this headline last year when some other Wall Street executive faked his death by jumping off a Hudson bridge. I'm not one to argue semantics, but they appear to be using the word "Houdini" not just as "One who escapes" or "disappears"...but have used it twice this year to describe...someone who fakes his own death...

The first three from the Funny Forum to contact me with a $10 note to follow will get a copy. (I don't know why I offer this, nobody ever takes me up on it). Guess they have to sit in my basement for 50 years then they will maybe fetch $10 at some Swannish auction.

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Postby Kevin Connolly » 01/14/09 02:41 PM

I think the using in context of disappearing and in the first paragraph as "slippery".
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Postby JFox » 01/14/09 03:59 PM

ED SAINT would be proud!
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