Who sells full range of individual gaffed cards ?

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Postby CraigMitchell » 01/12/09 04:12 AM

I remember there being a dealer at Blackpool last year who carried all manner of individual gaffed cards for sale ? Anyone know their name ?
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Postby Marco Pusterla » 01/12/09 07:43 AM

I suspect you mean The Card Collection: http://www.cards4magic.co.uk/

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Postby magicbar » 01/14/09 03:19 PM

If you are still looking for gaffed cards try 'Cards By Martin' out here in Lancaster, California USA - I hope he's still around....he once told me that he wasn't allowed to die since nobody could make these things after he's gone. Neil(sp?) Lester IS 'Cards by Martin' he makes all of them and custom cards as well -

Another place in California is The Magic Apple magic shop in Studio City - they seem to have more than most.
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Postby David Prouty » 01/14/09 03:33 PM

Neil Lester is still very active, and his web site is:
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Postby Dave Shepherd » 01/14/09 03:34 PM

Hank Lee sells various card gaffs, including a deck of assorted gaffs.

Once, when I ordered such a deck from him and it didn't have something I needed (blank face, double-back, something like that), I emailed him and he sent me a few of what I needed gratis.
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Postby MartinKaplan » 01/14/09 04:51 PM

Neil is still alive and kicking. In fact, he is currently making some gaffs for me. Other sources for gaffed cards are Gary Plants and Marty Grams. I am sure that a quick trip through Google will get you to their websites.

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Postby The Magic Apple » 01/15/09 03:09 AM

The Magic Apple in Studio City does about 4 custom card runs per year with the USPCC. Drop me an e-mail and I can give you all the 'rules' and pricing, etc...

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Postby Ray Banks » 01/15/09 10:51 AM

Pick a card....Any card....NO not THAT card..THIS one!

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Postby Jim Maloney » 01/15/09 11:55 AM

I can vouch for Gary Plants' work -- he made some custom cards for me a few years ago, and the quality was outstanding.

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Postby 000 » 01/20/09 05:10 AM

Craig, dont bother with the Magic Apple..........they deem the postage too expensive to South Africa ( even though you pay!)............that was my experience anyway, neither were subsequent e mails replied to.

www.cards4magic.co.uk defenitely seems to have the largest range of poker sized gaffed cards that ive come across. ( albeit a wee pricey)

And of course Im very happy with the custom work Cards by Martin has done for me.
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Postby 000 » 01/20/09 05:49 AM

Neil Lester, from Cards by Martin, has a new e mail adress

his website has remained the same, www.cardsbymartin.com
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Postby The Magic Apple » 04/10/09 01:47 AM

The Magic Apple is printing custom cards again. If anyone is interested, please drop me an e-mail and I'll give you FULL details. VERY LIMITED space is available

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Postby Tony Rush » 04/15/09 12:14 PM

I happened to run across this site last week. First time I've ever seen a company offer completely customizable card-faces of your own design in a do-it-yourself format.


Click on "Online Card Builder" in the left-menu.

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