'Magic Week' on Craig Ferguson Late Late Show?

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Postby Jim Martin » 04/27/07 10:05 PM

Last evening (Thursday April 26) Craig announced that the week of May 21 was going to be 'magic week.

Was this a bit, or does anyone know of plans to have someone on each night (ala Letterman's Vent week and Impressionist week)?

....Makes me think of the Dai Vernon/Derek Dingle appearance on the Tomorrow Show w/Tom Snyder in the 70's......
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Postby Guest » 04/27/07 11:08 PM

I can't answer the question, but I did happen to see Craig Ferguson appear as a guest on Letterman a couple of weeks ago where Craig mentioned that his young son loved magic, while he (Craig) hated it...

Postby Guest » 04/27/07 11:24 PM

I believe on Tuesday night he announced the magic week also. The had an animated graphic which he made fun of. He did mention that Rick Thomas and Lance Burton were already scheduled to appear for the week.

He also had a bit about David Blaine not being on magic week. "Staying underwater for days is not magic. It's laziness!" Pretty funny. Also the animated graphic also said "Magic Week - No David Blaine". I think its still on my Tivo.

I think it's for real, there is going to be a magic week May 21.


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