Four Walling in Vegas

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Postby Bill Mullins » 12/31/08 10:14 PM

The woes of a mid-list magician: Here
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Postby 000 » 12/31/08 10:53 PM

Which other magicians 4 wall in Vegas..any big names?
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 12/31/08 11:18 PM

Steve Wyrick?
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Postby David Vamer » 01/01/09 09:01 PM

Larry G Jones is one of the hardest-working people in Las Vegas, bar none.

Sources say that ANOTHER performer has been saved from closing by leasing his bar to an outside entity. Rumor has it that some of his payroll wasn't being met, and that the familial wellspring of funding he has relied upon thus far has run dry.

The work of fiction above bears no resemblence to any person, living or dead, except for the part about Larry G Jones.
David Vamer
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Postby 000 » 01/02/09 11:59 AM

Could those in the know illuminate me as to which other Vegas Magic shows are four walling? can't be all bad if Tom Jones is doing it. Another successful four waller would of course be Steve Cohen in New York, who rents a large suite instead of a theatre.

Im also interested in the financial pros and cons of four walling eg if Tom Jones sells out, I take it he would be doing better than under contract. If however he doesnt sell out,or has poor ticket sales,I take it the theatre comes out tops?

Above is purely hypothetical of course........Tom is a superstar of note whom Ive had the pleasure of seeing twice on stage.
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Postby David Alexander » 01/02/09 12:48 PM

The late Bob Goulet four-walled in Vegas and lost money...a lot of money. When he got out of Vegas and into a different market, he was successful

A guy I know used a business plan I worked up for another friend and did well with a hyp show. His rent was extremely low as this was early on. For several years he was dropping about $30,000 a month for advertising and did well until the owners got greedy and upped his rent substantially. If you don't have a solid business plan and the money to sustain it, you can be dead very quickly.

There is a forumula that determines the cost of sale proportional to the size of the theater. Exceed that and you'll go broke quickly.
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Postby David Vamer » 01/02/09 04:00 PM

000, there are all kinds of ways to work the deal. You can 4-wall by renting the theater, including crew and usehr costs, and paying for all the advertising. You get to keep all the profits, if any.

A HUGE key to your success or failure will be casino support, or lack thereof. If the casino will put up slot-toppers, duratrans, placemats in the buffet, rack cards in the guest rooms, etc, you stand a chance.

In the case of Steve Wyrick, Planet Hollywood does not give him any support, as far as I know. He has to buy TREMENDOUS amounts of advertising to overcome this handicap.
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Postby Gordon Meyer » 01/05/09 05:42 PM

Hmm, the article doesn't seem to suggest that Tom Jones is four-walling, it's the impersonator who is doing so.
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Postby Disparity1 » 01/05/09 05:53 PM

...And its a source of anxiety for Jones because, despite the chasm that exists between him and Tom Jones, they do have something in common. Neither was hired by the hotel where hes appearing. Rather, each rents his showroom. Its called four-walling....
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